About us

It all started in 2009, when I was just in my third year at medical school. When I read how, by affecting cellular energy production and nerve system bio electricity, negative ions can improve energy levels, mental performance and overall health and well-being.

At that time, the only way to get negative ions was by air ionizers. Which generate negative ion molecules to the air we breathe at home.

I was always a health enthusiast and at that time, I felt lack of energy and concentration, so I was very encouraged to try the air ionizer. The result was amazing! After I stayed for some time near the air ionizer I was much more alert, energized and mental focused in my studies!!

As happy as I was, at the back of my mind I’ve kept wondering what would happen If we had a way to absorb higher levels of negative ions, will it have higher health effect? And how Can we get higher level of negative ions in the body? after all, with the air ionizer we breathe only a small portion of the negative ions, as the negative ions in the air losses electrons rapidly. Also, I couldn’t take the air ionizer with me out sides of my home.

With time I became more and more obsessed with reading the scientific literature and did some experiments. since young age I have always felt that my mission in life is to improve people’s health and life quality and I just knew this was my calling.

I created ONYX Ions Technologies corporation and after years of testing we were finally ready to bring to the world the most powerful minerals base negative ions generator! We created proprietary high electrons donating minerals mixture that generating the highest amounts of negative ions. These negative ions absorb directly and easily throw the skin, unlike the air ionizer’s ions. It’s also portable! So now you can absorb these vital negative ions 24/7! Furthermore, we added 3 other bio effectors: the highly scientific studied far infrared waves, magnetic field and germanium.

It was a long road but the final results just blue our minds!!! Peoples that tried our ionizer+ devices, especially the ProION9000-40000 series, reported higher energy, higher mental focus, mood lifting, deeper sleep, Higher muscle performance, got rid of pains and aches, and much more!

Check out these ProION9000-40000 series: