wave length of....

can penetrait up to 7cm of body tissues



NEGATIVE IONS Negative ions are odourless, tasteless and invisible molecules. They are created when water molecules breaks apart when exposed to sunlight, water, moving air. This causes the molecules to gain or lose an electrical charge, creating negative ions. That is the reason that Negative ions are found in abundance in the mountains and on ocean beaches, and we experience the power of negative ions when hiking in the mountains, walking on the beach or stepping under a waterfall, where tens of thousands of negative ions are created. In contrast, an average home or office building contains dozens and hundreds of Negative ions.


me: Negative ion function as an electron donating agent where it needed the most in the body. 

there is 2 main places:

1. free radicals that come from............. steel electron from mulecule they come across - dameging them and making them unfuction. negative ion acting as a powerfull antioxidant donating they're electron and restore the damage mulecule to its normal functional state. 

2. ....... improve valtage........in cell energy production prosses  and nerve system electrycity. 

The nerve system comunicat (between nerve to nerve and nerve to mussle) via electrical impulses. This electrical impulses are highly dependent on ions. Negative ion can improve this ……… resulting in higher mental focus and alertness  and mussle control.



MAGNETS Magnetic therapy has established itself as a very effective alternative therapy.. The more people who try this form of therapy, the more are becoming 'converted' and pass the word along to fellow sufferers.

The magnets are Rare-Earth Neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) - The second generation of Neodymium rare-earth magnets. They are very strong in comparison to their mass, and have the highest magnetic energy of any permanent magnets.


me: strong magnetic field that is close enath to a blood vain might improve health by activate some insimes that dependent on iron in the red blood cells.


There are no known side effects for using magnetic bracelets, and there is no time limitation for length of time, or the amount & strength of magnets one can wear.on the ontrary, living in citys and not getting enath negative ions is unnatural and can have same sirious side effect, lack of energy, depression, sickness.... as most peopel expireice.

Using magnets is non invasive and non addictive.